We can’t change the world by ourselves

Hand made | Social enterprise

But with you, we can get a bit closer.

We do our part, at the Virunga Park by creating ripples of change. We invite you to join us. Every time you buy one of our products, you contribute to the development of one of the most biodiverse and sensitive places on earth. We call that double happiness.

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Dream big.
Act bigger.

Don’t just wait for things to happen. Act. Join our positive revolution, for the park and all of its inhabitants: people, gorillas, elephants and trees. You’ll taste some of the best chocolate ever, created by expert chocolatiers. You will also enjoy the finest coffee, artisanal soap, high quality chia seeds and unique, hand-made textiles and accessories.

We don’t walk on
water. We power up.

The Virunga Origins Revolution starts with our green hydroelectric power plant. Electricity unlocks the power of the region and its people. With electricity there is less need to cut down trees for cooking. With electricity we can build communities, protect wildlife and spark creativity. That’s the kind of happiness revolution you’d want to be a part of.

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Ripples of change, more than a storm in a cup

When you drink a cup of Virunga Origins coffee, or bite into a bar of our chocolate, you instantly create positive change. In our world, everything is truly connected.

Take electricity. With power, people cook. Trees are saved. Animals thrive. Factories, workshops and small businesses flourish. Peaceful alternatives to the militia are created. People get paid and kids can go to school. And to the doctor. Roads are paved. Which makes it easier for the beans to get delivered to our factory. Which we then can roast and pack and send to you. Which you enjoy, and help continue enlarging the circles of positive effect.

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Virunga park rangers

Superheroes for real

The park’s rangers are its superheroes. They are the true guardians of this unique habitat and the home of 4 million people, thousands of species and numerous plants. With your help, we care for their families and widows, send kids to school, keep youth out of the militia, help preserve the forest against deforestation and work against poaching.

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Virunga origin

We make chocolate where cocoa grows

The same goes for coffee, chia, soap and textiles. Everything is done here at the Virunga park. We don’t ship our cocoa off to be processed elsewhere. We skip executives and cut the middlemen. Our roastery and workshops are right here. All profit goes back to our farmers, rangers, widows, factory workers and local communities. Double Happiness in action.

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