What is New Balance of Power? The world’s first activism network.

Who is it for? Anyone interested in justice and equality for people, animals and Earth.

  • Features: Unprecedented information management and groundbreaking calls-to-action.
  • Benefits: Learn more about critical issues. Easily engage, connect and be heard. Change the world like never before.

1) Create your own customized news feeds on any activism genre such as; racial justice, climate justice, gender equality, animal rights or anything else that you can think of.

2) Find all the information on any movement, issue, person or story, including biographies, history, facts, interviews and more.

3) Groundbreaking calls-to-action. For example, read an article, then link to proposed legislation and be provided with powerful calls-to-action, all from here. New Balance of Power takes it full circle. Why just read news when you can make it?

Additionally, you’ll be able to sign petitions, connect with lobbyists and leaders, donate, buy merchandise, join a demonstration, and even start your own MicroMovement to improve neighborhoods, schools or a workplace environment. (It’s all coming soon).

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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