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​Since 1972 customers who want premium synthetic motor oil buy AMSOIL. Over the years, AMSOIL scientists have expanded the product line to include transmission fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, and more, virtually covering every lubrication need.

One of the biggest challenges for dealers like myself faced was determining the correct products for each application.  AMSOIL stepped up by providing a very robust Quick Product Online Lookup Guide (see below) that makes it easy for our customers to look up their equipment and know they are getting the best products for their application.

AMSOIL has added programs like the fantastic Preferred Customers program to add more value to our product line by allowing our Preferred Customers to buy AMSOIL products up to 25% off the retail pricing. You can read more about the Preferred Customer Program here.

Quick Product Lookup Guides

AMSOIL car and light truck il link to online store
AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil link to online store
ATV quick link to online store
AMSOIL UTV Synthetic motor oil online link
snowmobile oil online ordering link
Marine outboard link to online store for oil
Personal Water Craft oil link to online store
small engine oil link to online store
heavy duty diesel motor oil link to online store

Customers who buy AMSOIL love our preferred customer program and free shipping on orders over $100


How To Get Fee Shipping When You Buy AMSOIL

1. As a Preferred Customer, you not only save up to 25% off the Retail Price plus all the advantages of the Preferred membership, orders over $100 get FREE Shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

2. If you choose to pay full product pricing and order over $100, you get free ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S


Browse the full line of premium AMSOIL products in the latest AMSOIL factory direct catalog
Note: Product Catalog opens in a new tab, make sure to save to your computer so you can view offline.

AMSOIL is Warranty Secure

AMSOIL Warranty

Many ask, “When I Buy AMSOIL is there a Warranty?”  The answer is YES, AMSOIL has a published Limited Warranty to protect our customers in the extremely unlikely event of an oil related failure. 


Of course, you want to make sure you are using the recommended AMSOIL products for your application which is why I have the links above in this page to the Quick Product Lookup Guides.  If you have any questions or concerns simply reach out to me on my contact page and I will do everything to make sure your questions are clearly answered.

Please take a few minutes and read my article that explains the AMSOIL Warranty including additional information regarding the Magnuson Moss Act.