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When You Consistently Feel Like You Are Paddling Upstream

It’s time to get your operations in order and your team flowing in the same direction – giving you peace of mind!

How We Partner With You

  • Develop Operational Strategies
  • Provide Project / Program Planning & Management
  • Optimize Processes & Systems
  • Maximize Team Performance
  • Create Sustainability


Strategy & Planning

When you need the solid guides and blueprints, with all the templates, checklists, and plans you need, this solution will make it all easy to implement.


When you know you need to get things in your business under control, and get rid of  chaos and dropped balls, this is the solution for you.

Operations Management

Perfect if you are ready to step out of the day-to-day aspects of your business and want a trusted right-hand who will ensure that stuff is getting done.

My Mantra


Hi! I’m Pam Blackman. Founder & CEO of Operations In Sync.

One of my favorite quotes is by Lao Tzu, which goes like this.  “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step.”

Let’s get going on such a journey!  

Our mission is to get your business running practically on auto-pilot, so you have peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly, which will free you and your team up to do more, without working more.

I invite you to schedule some time with me.  Let’s just chat and see if we might be able to help.

Pam Blackman
Some Fan Love

Pam is genuine, caring, and detail-oriented.

My plate was so full taking care of the everyday tasks to keep my business running that I didn’t have the bandwidth to correct holes in processes I knew would save time, money (and my sanity!).

She quickly saw holes as she took responsibilities off my plate and made effective recommendations to improve workflow.

She was great at helping to quickly identify what was best for where my business was at & made solid recommendations for improvement that have improved my client’s experience, decreased my daily workload and freed up my mind space.

Samantha Moe

My experience in working with Pam has been exceptional. She helped simplify a potentially overwhelming process.

I believe our organization will have more time to focus on our mission and more peace of mind that things aren’t falling through the cracks. By having effective processes in place we will save money because of increased efficiency. Having streamlined and organized documentation will help us communicate in a number of critical situations. 

On a personal note, Pam was always encouraging, positive, and professional. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Sally Spencer-Thomas

President & Mental Health Advocate, United Suicide Survivors International

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Association Notice to Members re Assessments

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