Currentstatisticsreflect that approximately 65% of U.S. households have at least one pet and 42% have more than one pet. The vast majority of these pets are various breeds of dogs and cats, but many people also become very attached to many other types of animals that become their pets. While most homeowners associations are now pet-friendly, and welcome pets as members of their community, it is commonplace for such associations to experience a multitude of issues with pet owners concerning the type of animal that the owner has as his or her pet and the behavior of their pets. Such disputes typically result from complaints by other homeowners that the pet owner has violated rules and regulations that are contained in the associations governing documents that impose pet restrictions. Common homeowners association pet restrictions that are imposed by state laws and/or a homeowners associations governing documents include:
Restrictions on the number of pets allowed per household
It is common for a homeowners association to impose a limit on the number of pets a household can have.
Breed restrictions
Because certain types of animals and certain breeds are by nature more aggressive than others, they are more likely to cause personal injury or property damage. As a result, such types or breeds of animals may not be covered by homeowners insurance policies and can be prohibited by homeowners associations.
Size restrictions

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