Get to know your neighbours on


Surfcoast Day!

Friday 4th December @ 6pm

On Hello Surfcoast Day, we all come together for a Hello Happy Hour to meet and greet right on your street in celebration of a safe, post Covid community that welcomes and supports each other.

Surf Coast residents saying Hello at the same time

How You Can Help

Hello Cards

Print and fill out one of the Hello Cards and give it to your neighbours so they can call on you if they need.

Share The News

Make sure everyone on your street knows about Hello Surfcoast Day by dropping a flyer in their letterbox. 

Street Champion

Register yourself as your streets Champion to help organise your neighbours for the Hello Happy Hour.

Be neighbourly

Small gestures make all the difference.   Smile and say hello when you see your neighbour, share some baked goods and connect.

Feel Good by

Giving Back 

Please who are interested in helping others are more likely to be happy themselves. Feeling valued by those around you also helps to reduce loneliness and contributes to positive mental health and wellbeing.

Say Hello and Make Someones Day Brighter

Mask wearing limits our ability to connect.  Make an effort to reach out with one small hello; it may save someone’s life. 

A Community Initiative

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