Would you like to regain YOUR TRUST, be at peace, and thus build the life you deserve?
I teach people to heal themselves, to awaken from their nightmares and thus appreciate the gift of their lives .

First of all, I welcome you

My name is Ricardo Muñoz Rodríguez. Above all, I am a Son of God, learning every day what this means. And I have to confess that I do not leave my amazement because reality surpasses fiction. This gives me a lot of strength to do what I do. You know, high thinking, high vibration, and in an instant everything changes. You too can live like this.

So one, as they say in Colombia, I already loose the first pearl, so you can continue reading:

Don’t pretend to develop your purpose through sacrifice. You will feel enormous frustration because when you have finally dared to do what you really want, it will not flow.

The change we need and are asking for is not so much in what we do, but in the way we do it. Unless there is a change of mind, there can be no trust.

Without this change we will act on the basis of a reality paradigm whose experience is aimed at changing this.

This paradigm is based on false ideas about yourself. Without knowing the truth there is no reason to have confidence. Without trust there can be no peace, and without peace you are absolutely lost in a nightmare dream. And if we don’t know what we can place our trust in.

How can we have confidence?

So don’t try to start the house on the roof. 

A little bit about me

Since adolescence, I have read numerous self-help books and attended dozens of courses and talks on personal development, entrepreneurship and to achieve abundance, trying to find what we all want at the beginning, to be owners of our time, to dedicate ourselves to what we passionate, earn money and thus be free. None of that worked for me. That is why I continued my professional career in the field of industrial engineering, renewable energy and R&D.

At thirty-five years of age, he continued with Plan A because Plan B never paid off. I refused to lose hope of being happy, and I decided to leave everything to find myself. So I went in search of peace, and started backpacking through South America.

This photo was the day of the last day of work in July 2017.

Three months after leaving my job, I started a new trip in search of answers, this time with no return date. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and on the second day of arriving in Colombia I ended up in the hands of a wise man with whom I learned the teachings of

A Course in Miracles.

This wisdom says things like this:

What perception sees and hears seems real because it only admits into consciousness what agrees with the perceiver’s wishes. This gives rise to a world of illusions, a world that must be defended without rest, precisely because it is not real. Once someone is trapped in the world of perception, they are trapped in a dream. You cannot escape without help. Foreword, UCDM.

When I discovered this and lived what I lived in the successive retreats, I was very relieved to be wrong about myself. My unhappiness was not the result of bad luck, nor of my past, nor of something foreign to me. There was no longer reason for despair. There was just something new he didn’t know, and this time it seemed serious.

Today I know that A Course in Miracles is salvation . Since then I have been letting what I am teach me for three years. This is true self-knowledge. There is no need to fill the head with more theories and information. We must know how to access our Internal Master, take advantage of everything we do to act according to who we are. This is the only change and the only end of our life.

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As a child I had dreams because I felt that everything was possible. Then society ended up convincing me that you could not live like this and I felt like a weirdo, and my life for thirty years became a struggle to try to fit in and be one more sheep of the flock. After sacrificing myself and getting everything I had been told, everything remained the same. I was under great stress from the conflict in my mind. We cannot feel and do in opposite directions for long.

I knew there was another way of living. Our whole life is planned to fulfill a purpose, and the realization of that purpose must come naturally and effortlessly. And it is not true that we do not know what our purpose is. Yes we know, what happens is that we do not remember it because we have bought a formula of success that we have made ours. Because our experience of life is not linked to what we do, where we live and less to what we have, but to the change of mentality that allows us to do things differently.

Thanks to some mystical experiences I had with entheogens (such as Ayahuasca) I saw again that I had always been right. One is amazed when he begins to glimpse the power with which we have been endowed. It is cause for celebration to discover that we are wrong about who we are. But what I am saying is not the result of experiences caused by hallucinogenic substances. What ended up giving me certainty was what I learned with A Course in Miracles. But all this has been thanks to being honest with myself and acknowledging that I just couldn’t. Immediately life created the circumstances to come to my rescue.

Thanks to this wisdom, I was able to focus my attention and experience everything I am telling you. I keep encouraging you to read a little more because I want to reveal the truth that changed my life. While this is not known, we repeat our suffering year after year, and when considering it inevitable, we end up believing that it is not possible to live without the wounds of the past. We proudly call “learning” how to deal with our suffering “life experience,” and we try to teach this to others knowing full well that it doesn’t work for us. We have the illusion of control and life shows us again and again that this is not so. This puts us in touch with betrayal, betrayal of the true part of ourselves. We leave aside our soul, which is the only thing that makes sense to work on this plane: be more aware of ourselves, of who we are. This is where true self-knowledge begins.

Why have I created this space?

All my life looking for answers, at last I was able to set foot on solid ground. And I decided that that would be what I would give to others, because the most important thing is to get out of the ignorance in which we live about life and who we really are. I want to make things easier and save time in the change, counting things as they are searching for answers and accompanying, whoever decides, in the processes of spiritual awakening. I know all the phases, and I know the feeling of depression and loneliness that you feel when you realize that everything is a lie, and more in our cultural and social context where whoever we remember to look inside is the object of judgment and marginalization.

The way we have learned to do things is based on the lie that this is a lacking world and that we are separated from love. And this is clearly incompatible with the objective of experiencing freedom and abundance , because without being conscious, it interferes in the process of manifestation by obeying the world that we perceive, because we perceive it by what we project, and we project it from the internal wound, what we believe which is actually true, the responsible foundation of all our life experience. The outside world intentionally keeps us clueless, because only then is it possible to do what someone else tells us.

While this is not known, we repeat our suffering year after year, and when we consider it inevitable, we end up believing that it is not possible to live without the conditioning of our past. We proudly call “learning” how to deal with our suffering “life experience,” and we try to teach this to others knowing full well that it doesn’t work for us. We have the illusion of control and life shows us again and again that this is not so. This puts us in touch with betrayal, betrayal of the true part of ourselves. We leave aside our soul, which is the only thing that makes sense to work on this plane: to be more aware of ourselves, of who we are.

Therefore, to recover the sovereignty of our life we ​​must have the information that allows us to understand how the reality we experience works. This is building the house on the rock, referring to the parable of Jesus. It is true that we are the dreamer of our dream , but we must be willing to pay the price, starting at the beginning. This is something that the ego does not like and because it does not like it, it does not deepen, it is not taught and it is tiptoed. Since we do not know who we are, we do not know what we want, and we believe that we want what they have wanted to teach us. Everyone has their sights set on making money, and this entertains us of our true purpose.

We have the right to know the most direct way, to stop living deceived, and to “put the horse in front of the car.” Otherwise, as I have seen in many courses, we run the risk of believing that by taking a course we know more, that we know ourselves better than others, and that therefore our judgments are legitimate. That is spiritual ego. On the other hand, many approach a course believing that by doing that course they will be able to do this or that, but if they approach it believing that what they are going to learn is outside of themselves, when they finish it they will continue from course to course because they will never believe that everything they need is already theirs. These reactions take us from one side to the other of the truth, and my mission is to be able to take you further.

Changing mindsets, from the ego thought system, to the thought system governed by our Inner Master, should be the priority for everything in life. Take advantage of everything we do to work this in parallel, the true purpose. But for that we must first learn something that nobody had told me before, until I learned it through A Course in Miracles:

Like nature, we depend on a “Source” to access the natural and perfect order of life. The connection with this “Source” is the Inner Master, the goal that we seek, the Being that we really are, the truth. This is true freedom and where our true abundance resides.

According to A Course in Miracles:

The world we see simply reflects our internal frame of reference: the prevailing ideas, desires, and emotions that harbor our minds. Projection gives rise to perception.” First we look inside and decide what kind of world we want to see; then we project that world outside and make it real to ourselves as we see it. We make it real through our interpretations of what we are seeing. If we use perception to justify our own mistakes — our anger, our aggressive impulses, our lack of love in whatever form it manifests — we will see a world filled with evil, destruction, malice, envy, and despair.

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What we experience on this plane is always the effect of something else that remains hidden in our minds. Something that comes from the metaphysical plane, from our mental (unconscious) world. But we think that cause and effect are outside, alien to our will (1). When we confuse causes with effects, our attempts to control are erratic, because when thinking that it is foreign to us (due to ignorance) we cannot take responsibility for it, and the true cause is already lost sight of. So it is logical that there is no trust. Without the use of the Inner Master to reinterpret the inner “truth”, it is inevitable that we reaffirm what we perceive, and therefore, we make judgments (2) that have the power to create the experience that we value from within, the from the “battlefield”, a I continue to sleep night and day where we don’t control anything.

This inner “truth” based on the belief that we are separated from love is the only pandemic there is, our belief in sin, with a sharp fear that makes us perceive the world as we know it, based on a perpetual conflict of opposites.

With judgments what we do is defend ourselves from the reality that we see outside, blaming others or circumstances (3). By rejecting, we react, and by reacting we fabricate that reality. We make changes abroad, we change careers, couples, the place where we live, looking for more money, more professional prestige, traveling … etc. We take refuge in worldly pleasures, and we live in the material and money world, believing that definitely, “life is a happy time.” By following this strategy, the discomfort of changing outside ceases momentarily, and for this reason we believe that search outside works. Because of this we have the illusion that it is possible to control what happens to us. But before what a rooster crows, life reflects another symbol of our inner wound (4). In that interim we forget that the last time we rejected that situation and we blame external circumstances again, blaming our bad luck, karma, our past, etc … and we return to the same as always. We re-judge the situation (and ourselves, since there is no separation in reality) and through those thoughts we perpetuate the experience of struggle and sacrifice.

As this happens we begin to suspect that we are truly victims (5), reinforcing this idea and growing our inner wound and that experience of life. As the text I put above UCDM used to say, once we are deep in sleep, we cannot leave without help.

We have to learn to forgive all this, not because in doing so we are “good” or “charitable”, but because what we see is not real. We have distorted the world with our absurd defenses, and therefore we are seeing what is not there. As we learn to recognize our perception errors, we will also learn to overlook them, that is, to “forgive” them. At the same time we will forgive ourselves by looking beyond the distorted concepts we have of ourselves, and seeing the Being that God created in us, like us.

At a certain point in our life the experience of life becomes insufferable. Our (separate) egoic mental model is exhausted, in the same way that we are seeing it happening on a planetary level. And in the same way, our particular crisis arises makes us stop, because we have already realized that on our own we have not managed to get out of the circle of frustration and guilt, anger and sadness. From that moment we are aware that we are dead in life, and we lose all hope of being happy. This envelops us in a depression that is intended to wake us up and save us from our inner wound.

In the world we know this depression is usually attributed to people who are mentally weak and who have no reason to exist. Nothing further from reality. This “depression” is the beginning of giving up doing things for ourselves. It is the abandonment of the ego and the true opportunity for healing and rebirth.

Would you like to learn to wake up

We live from the effect of our internal wounds, we are very clueless as to the true cause of our problems, but as it hurts, and we ignore an alternative to how we have always done things, we continue doing things as always, reinforcing guilt and therefore, taking refuge in the defense of the mind to stop feeling. Life passes, the years pass, and the lack of meaning is sharpening in our life. Getting out of this jail is not easy, but if I could, you too.
We have the right to know the truth, which they keep hidden. Nobody teaches us what we are and that is why I want to give you a gift. You who are tired of false promises and searching where it is not found, I want to invite you to download my ebook

Understanding the world’s dream.

In an easy and direct reading, I will tell you more about myself and introduce you little by little to what you need to know to start stepping on solid ground.

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It is extremely important for me to collect information that allows me to know if it is possible to help, in what and your preferences. I am not in favor of using marketing techniques to persuade anyone to buy my products and services. I think there is a different way of doing things, and with this goal, and only with this goal, you can support me in three ways:

  1. Answering some brief questions that I will ask you at the end with the download of the Ebook. To reward you for it, I will give you the possibility to download the Ebook in Epub version so that you can read it easily in your electronic book
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What do you think of what has been read so far?

In my experience, coming into contact with this information can generate reactions of various kinds, from a eureka to hatred. Whatever it is, dare to step out of the comfort zone! Just three rules to preserve and extend harmony:

  1. Feel what you are going to say and become aware of the emotion you are spreading
  2. Remember who you are talking to
  3. Try to think nice

You can give your opinion, ask questions, comment, ask me to further develop a specific topic or simply share how you have felt

I’m all ears!


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