You do the coaching.

We’ll do the billing, scheduling, and admin.

Sound good?

No More Chasing Invoices

With Paperbell, you always get paid up front. Clients purchase a package with you, then go straight to your scheduling page. You won’t need to issue invoices at all – just send prospects straight to your purchase page to pay online.  

Know How Many Sessions You Have Left

No more hacked-together systems for figuring out how many sessions you have left with a client. You and your client can both see how many sessions you have left and when it’s time to purchase more. 

Clients Schedule Themselves

No more endless emails back and forth, no more time zone drama. Your client logs in and schedules themself based on your availability. They’ll automatically see your calendar in their own time zone, and it’s all fully integrated with Google Calendar. 

One Place For Client Information & History

A clean, clear list of all of your clients, their entire purchase history, and all previous and upcoming appointments. You can also see a summary of how much they’ve spent with you, and keep your own notes of any kind.  

Create Multi-Session Packages

Just like a yoga studio, your clients can buy a multiple-session package with you then book their appointments whenever they’re ready. Or sell just one session. Paperbell lets you create any number of sessions, at any length of time, at any price.  

Track Where Your Money Comes From

Easily see how much total revenue each package type has earned you over time. You can also track the total earnings from each client to see who should get that special gift you’re sending out.

Coaches Love It, Clients Love It

A beautifully organised coaching business, using just one tool.

Your clients will love Paperbell just as much as you do! Paperbell creates a simple, easy-to-use homebase for your clients with the ability to schedule appointments, buy more packages, and see how many sessions they have left.  

We proudly integrate with:

Keep Your Entire Business Organised

Client history, lifetime revenue of clients and packages, private notes, questionaires, & more.  

Hand Off Your Client Scheduling

Jump off the email merry-go-round, solve your time zone issues, and time-block your client hours. 

All Of Your Payment Issues, Sorted

Accept all credit cards, create subscriptions, and sell one-off or multi-session packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell sessions-per-month repeating packages?

Yes! Paperbell allows you to decide how many sessions a client will have per month, then bill them on an ongoing basis until they cancel. 

Do I need to have a payment processor, or do you do that?

We integrate with Paypal and Stripe. Or if you don’t have a payment provider (meaning a way to take credit cards online)  you can create one with just a few clicks via our partnership with Stripe. 

Can you coordinate between different time zones?

Yes, you tell us what time zone you’re in and your client tells us what time zone they’re in. Paperbell automatically does scheduling in everyone’s local time zone

Do you integrate with zoom?

Yes, you tell us your meeting URL from zoom or any other video or conference call provider and we automatically share the details on the google calendar invite for your and your client. 

Can I use it for free sessions?

Yes, you’re in control! You create your own packages with any price and any number of sessions. 

Can I see an example of someone using Paperbell?

Yes! Here’s an example of a Paperbell shop page and package page. You can go ahead and book a free session on that account to see the entire experience from your customer’s perspective. 

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! Your European customers are safe with us. (Whilst our customers live all over the world, Paperbell is based in the United Kingdom.)

Will it work for in-person appointments?

Paperbell was designed for online businesses who primarily meet with their customers online. While you can use Paperbell if you meet with clients face to face occasionally, there are better tools out there for booking appointments at physical locations. 

Can I create payment plans?

Yes! With Paperbell, you can create payment plans to allow your clients pay for a package in regular monthly installments over time. 

Do you charge payment processing fees?

No, paperbell integrates with your existing payment processor (paypal or stripe). We don’t charge additional payment processing fees on top. 

Can my clients schedule appointments and pay at the same time?

Yes, finally! Paperbell ties these two systems together for you and your clients. 

Do you integrate with google calendar?

Yes, paperbell checks in with any google calendars you’ve synched to make sure you’re truly available before a client can book a spot. Paperbell also sends a google calendar event to both you and your client. 

Can my clients schedule themselves?

Yes! Your clients log in, see when you’re available, and pick them best time for them, all in their own local time zone. 

Can you create gaps between appointments?

Yes, just tell us how long you’d like between each appointment and our scheduler will make it happen automatically. 

Can I create invoices?

Our system simplifies and eliminates the need for invoices. Instead of creating an invoice, you simply send your client the link to purchase a package with you. As soon as they pay they will automatically be taken to your scheduling page. 

Can I integrate Paperbell into my website?

Yes! Your offerings will be on the Paperbell platform, and you link to your shop or package pages from your own website. You can also link from your social media, email marketing, or anywhere else on the web. 

How many coaches can I have on one account?

Paperbell was designed to be used for one service provider. If you have several coaches at your practice we reccomend purchasing a Paperbell account for each coach. 

Which currencies do you support?

You can charge your clients in USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD or SGD. If you need another one just email us and let us know. 🙂

Meet The Founder

Hi there, I’m Laura Roeder, the founder of Paperbell. You may also know me as one of the creators of MeetEdgar, LKR Social Media, or Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’m an American living in England with my husband Chris, little boy, and little girl. (No pets because we travel too much, but I’m a cat person for the record!)

I’ve been a full time business owner for more than 10 years, have bootstrapped several multi-million dollar companies, and spoken at The (Obama-era!) Whitehouse about entrepreneurship. My absolute passion is supporting entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to help you grow your coaching business with Paperbell. Learn more here

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