Why Me

Connect With Both Executive and Tech Team Audiences

Your target audience may contain both technical pros searching for how your products work, as well as business executives looking for what your products can do for company growth

Using my technical mindset to communicate with the tech-savvy team, combined with my sales skills that connect with executives, means you get the unique benefit of delivering your marketing message to connect with both primary decision makers

Create Your New Product Offer

Having spent over three decades configuring personalized workflows from different technology brands, means by integrating your product solutions into your tech buyer’s systems, creates a powerful offer with seamless benefits 

Beyond à La Carte Copywriting Services

Unlike other general writers that offer à la carte writing pieces, I take a more holistic approach with my copywriting services

This means doing extensive product and market research to deliver your strategic marketing message, compelling budget minded prospects to take action

Improve Your Marketing Time Management

As an experienced freelance consultant for small to midsized business owners, I understand how time constraints and lack of personnel hamper your efforts to generate leads

This means that using my street-level experience and personal commitment to your expectations as a business owner, will help reduce your briefing time with lengthy technical explanations on copywriting projects 

Your Point of View Marketing Message

With over 30 years in technical support and sales, I bring a genuine understanding of your challenges as the owner of a small to midsized B2B tech company

This means listening to your business goals with empathy, to deliver marketing content from your unique point of view that resonates with your potential clients



Comfortable With Niche Technology

Certified Dainippon Screen Technician: Formally trained in complex high-tech software and hardware, means that I am comfortable with niche technology markets that use complex systems 

Completed Technology Groundwork

BSc Computer Science: Having a formal college degree assures you that I completed the groundwork to quickly understand technology, thereby saving you time with lengthy explanations