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Social English
£30 – 45mins

Good English conversation comes from knowing our culture, from using correct syntax, and from having natural pronunciation.

Our extensive tuition covers this and much more: idioms, slang, ‘small talk’, the Art of British Understatement, as well as our history, culture, and traditions. We’ll have you chatting confidently soon!

Travel English
£30 – 45mins

Do you want your travel to be carefree and fun? Do you want to be safe and speak English that everyone can understand? – Well, we want this for you too!

At Top Flight English we want your English to empower you to make the most of the opportunities that your travels will offer. We can help you thrive as a traveller: explore things, make new friends and create some great memories.

Business English
£30 – 45mins

Do you want to impress your boss and clients with your English and get a promotion? Is socialising and networking important for your job? Do you want to develop your team leadership skills?

We are experienced in business and know what language is the most effective for team leadership, networking and socializing. This tuition can be combined with our Mentoring service.

Aviation English
£35 – 45mins

Do you need English for handling your crew and the ATCs with skill and authority? Do you want to gte EALTS level 6 for a new job with a global airline?

As an aviation writer with a specialism in simulation training, Ingrid knows the processes of the industry and language that you need. You can combine this service with CV Writing and Interview Skills for a power package. Also, check out our Client testimonials

Ielts & Exams
£35 – 45mins

Do you need to develop your essay writing for exams or University?

We will show you a structure that works with any essay; how to create a logical sequence for your paragraphs; what language level to use; how to vary your sentences for impact, and phrases that support your arguments. You can combine this with our Essay Marking service.

Essay Marking

1 essay only £20…. and discounts for more!

Do you know what will make your essays better?
Are you looking for a teacher to correct your essays and steer you in the right direction?

Our essay-marking service will help you to overcome weaknesses and develop your strengths. We’ll help you make your writing the best it can be.

Your fee includes a report with action steps

Grammar Review
£35 – 45mins

Do you need to speak and write English with real confidence? Do you feel stuck with your English? Do you want people to understand you easily and immediately?

Grammar makes you powerful because it gives you the building blocks for making great sentences. Our structured reviews and practice will help you pass exams and speak English with style and ease.

Read our Client testimonials.

Public Speaking​
£35 – 45mins

Are you giving a presentation? Do you want to grab your audience straight away and stay in command of them?

We will show you a simple structure for a script; how to use language that will hold people’s attention, how to use your voice to lead the audience from A to B; and how to handle difficult questions with confidence.

We can also take you through a full mock presentation – let us bring out your Inner Presenter!

Interview Skills
£40 – 45mins

Are you applying for your dream job? Do you want to make a great impression, beat all the other candidates, and get hired straight away?

We will help you write and practice giving answers for up to 30 questions; teach you how to handle difficult questions really well and how to use positive body language throughout the interview. Mock interviews are our specialty! We will give you detailed feedback to build your success.

This can be combined with CV Writing.

Mentoring & Coaching
£50 – 45mins

eDid you know that employees who are mentored are 5 times more likely to get a promotion? This is because mentoring improves problem-solving, decision-making and negotiating, and sharpens your skills. The results with coaching are even more profound!

We will help you develop your impact and influence at work. We have worked in the business for many years and so can offer you guidance and empowerment that works. Our Mentoring & Coaching is the best investment you’ll ever make in your future.

CV Writing
£50 – 45mins

When you are applying for a new job, a powerful CV is essential because it will persuade your future employer to see you – and an interview is THE opportunity to sell yourself.

We will take you through the steps of writing a CV which accurately explains who you are, what skills you offer, and your unique selling points (USPs). By the time we have finished helping you, it will make a real impact! You can marry this service with Interview Skills training for a powerful career package.

Personal Statements
£35 – 45mins

When you write a personal statement, you must get the right balance between being passionate and informative in order to convince a University to give you a place to study for your dream degree, but do you know how to do this?

We are both experienced at helping students to write successful Personal Statements and will take you through the whole process from creating structure and drafting content through phrasing it properly all the way to the final draft.

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