Swimming Spot Details


Swimming Hole


Small cute swimmming hole with refreshing green-blue water in the middle of the arid mountains of Alicante.

Getting There


Spain, Alicante

Latitude & Longitude

Closest Towns/ Villages

Xixona (4,3 km), Alicante (28 km), Tibi (12,3 km)

Transport Options

Only car/ motorbike. No public transport. The closest bus stop is Xixona which is 4.3 km away from the swimming hole. It would require a walk on car roads, which is not advisable.


The road passes very close to the swimming hole. There is plenty of places to park your car on the side of the road.

Level of Difficulty

Very Easy – The 3 minute walk down (and 3 minute back up) the stairs is a bit steep but besides that it’s very easy.

Drinking Water Spots


Time to walk to swimming hole

3 minutes – The distance from the parking to El Salt de Xixona is around 0,4km down some nice stairs with wooden railings. These take you down the side of the mountain directy to the swimming hole.

Handy Things to Know

Entrance Fee


Opening Times




Good for Kids/ Families

Yes, if they can swim

Good for Dogs


Bathing Suits/ Skinny Dipping

Not specified, but everybody wears them. No skinny dipping.

Bathing Suits/ Skinny Dipping

Not specified.

Wheelchair Access



There is one wooden picnic table wih 2 incorporated banks on it at the base of the swimming hole. The table is on the earth surrounded by tall grasses. There are no other facilities.




Not allowed

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Geography – El Salt de Xixona


358 m. (1175 ft)



Under Foot

Rock at the part closest to the swimming hole and earth a bit further away from it.

Maximum Water Depth

More than 2 m as soon as you glide in, so it’s important to know how to swim.

Minimum swimming proficiency required

Experienced – The swimming hole is tiny but it’s very deep. You won’t be able to stand and touch the bottom with your feet in 95% of the natural pool. So you need to know how to swim if you want to take a dip at El Salt de Xixona

Sun Shade

At around midday the shade has already taken over and by 2pm the the whole simming hole might be in shade, so come early otherwise it might feel too cold to swim.

How clean is the swimming spot?

The area surrounding the swimming hole could be cleaner as there are some papers on the floor.

Water Quality – El Salt de Xixona

Underwater Visibility

There is very little (5cm) visibility under the water in this swimming hole.

Water Temperature

Very cold

Snorkeling & things to see Underwater


How clean is the water?

Very clean and fresh

Water Colour


Nearby – El Salt de Xixona

Nearby Accommodation

The closest accomodation is in Xixona. However if you like staying at the mountains, I would advise Castalla and if you like the coast I would advise Alicante as it’s a city full of culture. You can take the city of Alicante as a basis for your excursions in the area.

Nearby Attractions

Check out the Castle, harbour and old neighbourhood of the city of Alicante.

Nearby Attractions

There are no places at El Salt de Xixona itself to buy food. There are bars and restaurants in nearby Xixona where you can eat or buy food to take with you. Xixona is famous for ‘turron’, a sweet candy made from almonds sold in big bars. El Salt de Xixona is great for picnics but there is just one picnic table so you might have so sit on the floor.