The Compassionate Organization’s History

  • We are the Vietnamese Americans in Southern California . When we return to Viet Nam and witness the poverty throughout the country, we see that many children cannot afford to go to school because their parents are too poor to pay for their tuition.
  • Many people cannot afford to see doctors when they are sick. A lot of handicapped patients do not have wheelchair. Many patients with cataract cannot afford to have surgery. We decide to do something to help ease the suffering.
  • We currently have some small charitable projects : to give scholarship to help children to go to school, to organize a medical trip to do physical and medical exams to poor people .
  • We want to provide humanitarian and development assistance to Viet Nam . We will have programs that will expand to reach thousands of people each year through health, education, and economic development. We will continue to explore new ways to mitigate suffering, but also help people to improve their living and restore integrity to their lives.



The Compassionate organization  was founded on the vision that people can begin to pull themselves out of poverty and build self-sufficiency through greater access to resources. To help us realize this vision, we partner with local organizations and individuals in Vietnam who have a deep connection to the people and their needs, and we equip them with the tools necessary for success.

Our strategy for engagement and development is based on these four principles: read more

How You Can Help Us?

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Charity Fund

It’s flooding every year…Please make time to give HELPING HANDS with the Central region of Viet Nam
In the past few days, the rain has continued to flood, and landslides everywhere. Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue have been exhausted, so sad with rain and floods….read more
Please Share, support and help the Central people overcome flood difficulties now!



Lê Vàng Huy – ” Giờ con học 1 buổi và giúp mẹ đi lượm ve chai một buổi. Ước mơ của con hiện tại là mong muốn được đi học lâu dài; học tới lúc có công việc để đi làm đỡ đần mẹ,..đọc tiếp


Chúng tôi đã nhận được 2.313 USD đóng góp qua Facebook ở hải ngoại và khoảng 50 triệu đồng ở trong nước (khoảng gần 2.200 USD). Chúng tôi đã nhận được 2.313 USD…đọc tiếp


LÊ THỊ THÙY TIÊN – “Ước mơ của con là được đi học mỗi ngày và được ăn bò viên chiên. Lớn lên con muốn làm ca sĩ, đi hát để mua nhà cho mẹ, chị và …”đọc tiếp

Major accomplishments in 2018

  • Provided primary care service and medications for 3000 people in Viet Nam. Each patient diagnosed with an average of 5 medical conditions including high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, stroke rehabilitation, diabetes, ultrasound, arthritis, hepatitis B,C, eye exam, X-ray , Pap Smears, dental exams and others.
  • Provided food and necessities for 3000 people in Viet Nam
  • Granted 200 scholarships to students in Viet Nam and in USA
  • Built 20 new public restrooms in Viet Nam
  • Built 50 houses for the homeless in Viet Nam
  • Gave 50 wheelchairs to the disabled people
  • Built 25 water wells in Viet Nam to provide safe drinking water

Provide haircut, food and clothes for poor people in West provinces.

Our Mission

  • NHÂN ÁI (The Compassionate Organization) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian and development assistance  to underprivileged Vietnamese with hardship  in Viet Nam. We focus on public health for the disadvantaged population and basic education opportunity for poor children .
  • Our goal is to provide basic health care and education to all people in Viet Nam.

Our Vission

Be one of the best global community service organizations that make sustainable impact. 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Care and support for health, basic education and humanitarian causes through supporting self-identified and assessed needs from local community.

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