A Guide for Homeowners’ Association Members and ManagementPersonnel
Selecting a third party Service Provider to provide goods and services to your homeowners association is a common task for your management personnel, and it is important to conduct a thorough HOA investigation on them. Service Providers are contractedby homeowners associations for several different reasons ranging from small jobs, large jobs, recurring jobs, common area maintenance and construction to name a few. You should always consider multiple Service Providersand collect several bids before approving a new contract.
Often times, management personnel will fail to check into the background and qualifications of a Service Provider prior to authorizing a Service Provider to begin a new job. This can be potentially very damaging and costly toyour homeowners association. As a manager making important decisions on behalf of your homeowners association, it is critical to gather several pieces of information before entering into a contract with a Service Provider.
This process should always include:

  • Confirming the license status of the Service Provider
  • Confirming the insurance status of the Service Provider
  • Confirming the business information provided by the Service Provider is valid

This guide is intended to provide you with a helpful procedure toassist in the process of considering a Service Provider. In this guide, we will teachyou step by step how to choose the correct Service Provider including knowingwhat information to ask forduring the bidding process and how to verify the information before making a decision to proceed. We have included a free copy of the Service Provider Business Information Form in this guide that is highly recommended to be fully completed prior to any agreement with a Service Provider is entered into in writing.
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