To properly conduct an HOA election, many states have statutes and/or homeowners associations have provisions in their governing documents that require the appointment of one or more inspectors of election to receive and count the election ballots. In most associations, the appointments are made by the board of directors, but they can also be appointed by membership elections or other methods that may be specified.
It is also common for state statutes and/or homeowners association governing documents to require the results of an HOA election to be: (i) promptly reported to the board of directors; (ii) recorded in the minutes of the next meeting of the board; (iii) made available for review by the membership; and (iv) reported to the association membership within a specific number of days following the election.
A new form that is designed for the inspector(s) of elections for a homeowners association to report the results of an election or vote to the association’s board of directors has been added to the HOA Member Services website. The Inspector’s Report of Election Results is a form that contains a format for an association’s inspector(s) of elections to report the results of an election and/or a vote on a matter not involving the election of directors to the association’s board of directors. The form may be viewed below.

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