Quantitation Assays

STATLIA MATRIX provides a comprehensive software program with the most advanced computations and analysis available anywhere to compute all immunoassay quantitation technologies, including ELISA, EIA, FIA, LIA, ECL, RIA, and Label-Free tests.

Potency Assays

STATLIA MATRIX offers the best analytical approaches and methodologies for implementing either of the two parallelism methods referenced in the regulatory guidelines for potency assays: Residual Parallelism (also called Difference Testing) and Confidence Interval Parallelism (also called the Equivalence Method).

Immunogenicity Assays

STATLIA MATRIX offers complete Tier 1 (screening), Tier 2 (confirmatory), and Tier 3 (characterization) assay analysis, plus methodologies for determining the cut point factor to use for ADA tests.