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Trusted Technology Consulting Guidance

Since 2010, Tek Guide, LLC has helped businesses streamline technology selection and optimize IT management.  At zero cost, we provide businesses with expert engineering guidance to every major technology provider on earth.  Accordingly, whether you are seeking technology quotes, or want to cut costs and save money, we have you covered.

Certified IT Engineering Expertise

The founder of Tek Guide, attorney Chris Maes, personally manages every account.  In addition to having over a decade of experience managing the technology services of medium and enterprise size businesses, he is also a certified engineer.  Chris’ engineering certifications demonstrate a mastery of cyber security, cloud computing, routing, and switching technologies.

One Resource for Every Business Technology

Tek Guide represents every major telecom carrier, technology vendor, and service provider in the world.  Here are some of the common technologies our customers have us source, along with our preferred providers:

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UCaaS Solutions

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Data Centers

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SaaS Applications

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SD-WAN Solutions

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How Much Do Tek Guide’s Services Cost?




Why?  When businesses adopt the solutions we propose, we are compensated by the technology providers sold.  You pay nothing for our technology consulting, brokering and account management services – ever.

How Does the Technology Consulting, Brokering and Account Management Process Work?  

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Consulting Process


  • Tek Guide will analyze your technology invoices and contracts

Business Driver Evaluation

  • Next, we will evaluate whether your technologies are solving business needs.  We will also determine whether your current costs are competitive


  • Thereafter, we will provide our recommendations concerning new technologies, or providers with better pricing 
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Brokering Process

Generate Request for Proposals (RFPs) / Request for Quotes (RFQs)

  • On your behalf, we will obtain technology quotes from the world’s top service providers

Leverage Providers Against Each Other

  • We will have the telecom carriers, service providers, and technology vendors compete against each other to win your business.  This tried and true method will ensure you get the best technologies at the lowest price

Present Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Proposal

  • Upon receiving competitive bids, we will demonstrate how a technology refresh or swap will benefit your business
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Account Management


  • Tek Guide will work with your team and your chosen technology providers’ resources to ensure a timely and efficient provisioning process


  • Once services are live, we will make sure you are billed your contracted rate

Configuration Changes and Repair

  • Finally, if and when service disruptions occur, we will allocate technical resources and escalate when necessary
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Why Work with an Independent Third-Party for Technology Consulting Services?

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Peace of Mind

Have confidence knowing that our team of experts will uncover the best technologies for your business at the lowest possible price. With more than one hundred technology providers to choose from, we create customized solutions geared towards addressing your unique business needs.

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Unbiased Expertise

Our loyalties lie with you, not the technology providers we represent. Carrier neutrality eliminates conflicts of interest and guarantees impartial guidance you can trust.

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Partnering with us will give you reliable access to a dedicated team that is thoroughly familiar with your business and its ongoing technology needs. Say goodbye to relying upon call centers for support or having new, quota driven sales people assigned to your account every six months.

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