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Monte Alban & Atzompa

The ruined city of Monte Albán once served as the ancient capital of the Zapotecs between 500 B.C. and 800 A.D.

Mitla, Tlacolula & El Tule

The ruins at Mitla are the first stop on this tour offered through the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca.

Yagul, Teotitlan & Tlacochahuaya

This tour begins with a stop at Yagul, an archaeological site 45 km east of Oaxaca.

Cuilapam, Arrazola & Zaachila

On this tour, you visit the Exconvento de Santiago Apostol, an elaborate but unfinished 16th century ex-convent located in the town of Cuilapan de Guerrero.

San Jose Mogote & Etla

Remains from the mogotes (mounds) dotting the town of San Jose Mogote reveal that the area was inhabited around 1500 B.C.

Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua is renowned for its natural springs and surrounding mountain beauty.

Coyotepec, Tilcajete & Jalietza

San Bartolo is a Zapotec pueblo, which has specialized in black pottery since the epoch of Monte Albán.

Sierra Norte Ecotours

In addition to our normal day-long tours, the Institute has begun offering 2 day all-inclusive eco-tours to the Sierra Norte

Fundación En Vía

Visit a variety of Oaxacan towns where you can meet and support women who are running their very own micro-business.

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